Intolleranza II

Inspired by Luigi Nono’s ground-breaking opera INTOLLERANZA 1960 (1960), VIA INTOLLERANZA II is the last complete work by conceptual artist, film, theatre and opera director Christoph Schlingensief (1960-2010).

VIA INTOLLERANZA II, a clash of cultures in the guise of a theatrical opera, is a production by the Festspielhaus Afrika gGmbH, which was set up by Schlingensief himself, in cooperation with Kampnagel Hamburg, the Bavarian State Opera and the Kunstenfestivaldesarts in Brussels, where it celebrated its premiere on 15 May 2010.

This was followed by guest performances in Hamburg, Munich, Vienna, Dresden, Amsterdam and Helsinki. In 2011, the performance was invited to take part in the Berliner Theatertreffen festival, where it was awarded the renowned 3sat-Prize as an “outstanding artistic work from the series of performances invited to the festival”.

VIA INTOLLERANZA II is the synthesis of Schlingensief's years of looking closely at African and German culture, which flowed into his works, including his performance of PARSIFAL in Bayreuth (2004) and his walk-in installation AREA 7 – ST. MATTHEW’S EXPEDITION (Burgtheater Vienna, 2006).

Between the remnants of colonial politics and the vision of a future artistic transfer between the two continents, VIA INTOLLERANZA II attempts to go beyond historical prejudices and mutual resentment to instigate a process of shared educational and cultural exchange.